Turbans, from ancient to contemporary fashion piece

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Turbans, from ancient to contemporary fashion piece has an uncertain origin because some of the ancient civilizations such as those of ancient India, Mesopotamia, Sumeria and Babylonians evidently used turbans therefore nobody can pick point to one direction that turban originated from their. A particular style of turban called the Phakeolis were worn by Soldiers of the Byzantine army in the period of 400- 600 BC. Civilians were not also left out.
Before going further, let’s quickly define what a turban is in order to let our readers flow along. A turban is a type of headwear based on cloth winding, featuring many variations, it is worn as customary headwear by men and women of various countries.

Traditionally, the headgear serves as a religious observance, it is common among the Sikhs of the Indian clan and also among Shia Muslims who regard turban wearing as Sunnah Mu’ akkadah (confirmed tradition). The Sufi scholars are not left out too as they wear turbans to showcase their nobility. Aside tradition and religion, turban is also worn by women to protect their hair or as a head wrap for women suffering from cancer and under going treatments.
In our contemporary fashion world of today, turban has revolutionized among fashionistas and it is been worn for various occasions depending on the shape, size and colour.

Turbans, from ancient to contemporary fashion piece

Turban wearers in North Africa, the Horn of Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia and Philippines (Sulu) usually wind it anew for each wearing, using long strips of cloth. The cloth is usually under five meters in length. Some elaborate South Asian turbans may also be permanently formed and sewn to a foundation. Turbans can be very large, moderate or small depending on the occasion, your religion, your culture or tradition.
So many celebrities who are fashion enthusiasts have been seen in various occasions rocking their turbans. If you are a fashion lover and you haven’t tried rocking the turban, you are still lagging behind because turban is the new thing in fashion bloc. Give that turban a try today.

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