Exploring the world of dreadlocks

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Dreadlocks, which can also be called locks or dreads is an ancient form of hairstyle that has its origin as claimed by some people in India. The hairstyle was said to be worn by a deadlocked deity named Shiva and his followers. It is believed that spiritually, the dreadlocks has a strong inclination with the Indian culture.
Apart from the Indians other tribes like the Egyptians, the Germanic tribe, the vikings, the Rastafarians of Jamaica, were also widely known to wear their hair in dreads.
A dreadlock is defined as a ropelike strands of hair formed by matting or braiding hair. The long matted strings gives it this stylish and unique look. The dreads can naturally be formed or artificially manipulated by by back combing, braiding and twisting.
Over the years the dreadlocks has revolutionized into a more contemporary fashion piece in the hairstyling world as men, women, entertainers and all round celebrities are comfortably rocking their locks in different styles and shapes. In this article therefore we shall be examining ten dreadlocks styles for both men and women. The first on the list is:

1. Mohawk Dreadlocks


The Mohawk dreads is unisex in nature because it can be worn by both men and women. For men it is short dreaded while for women it is usually long and tied in a Mohawk at the top of the head.

2.Braid Ponytail dread 



The braid ponytail is when the dreads is pulled back in a ponytail style with a fresh line up from his stylist. It is classy in nature and can be worn for all occasions.

3. Curly Dreadlocks.

The curly Dreadlocks is best worn when your hair is naturally curly. Just style the locks and let it hang.

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4. Ombre Dreadlocks


The ombre dreadlocks which can also be called the ombre hair colour style is one style that has taken the dreads hair-styling world by storm. The colour combination that comes with the style makes it look very outstanding.

5. Bantu Knots

The Bantu knots style is the combination of both the Bantu hairstyle and dreads to bring out this classy and fashionable hairdo called the Bantu knots dreads.

6.Free form dreadlocks

The free form dreadlocks is a kind of locks that forms naturally. All you do is to let your hair grow and neglect it for some months, probably a year or two, then the free form dreads is formed. it suites people with short hair.

7. High top Dreadlocks.



The high top Dreadlocks is formed when you shave the sides and back of your head while Keeping the dreadlocks short.

8. Short Dreadlocks 

Short Dreadlocks is a style worn by people with short hair, it is also called dreadlocks bob.

9. Headband Dreadlocks

The headband dreads is a style of lock you wear showing off some parts of your natural hair while styling the rest on dreads. it is best styled with a scarf or headband.

10. Dreadlock bun 

The dreadlock bun is a lock style done by gathering all your Dreadlocks at the crown of your head, neatly roll them up in a large bun, to bring out its classy and cute look.

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