Rocking the blonde hairstyle

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Rocking the blonde hairstyle among black men and women used to be weird in the past as celebrities like black American singer Sisqo` was widely known with his signature blonde hair. People on blonde were been considered as rascals therefore so many shied away from the hairstyle.
In today’s fashion world, reverse is the case because men, women, children and even celebrities has embraced the blonde look as the latest hairdo to emulate.
This trendy piece of fashion has the power of bringing out a complete different look to someone’s facial looks, that is the reason why every now and then, a girl has to go blonde to bring out her bold side. Though it is advisable before going blonde, to know the right blonde hairstyle that suits your skin colour, facial shape and your personality. Knowing the shape of your face is very important because each face type has its own different style that would fit it. Somebody with face type A for instance might look stunning with a particular style, while another person with face type B might want to try same style and look horrible. Here are few blondie hairstyles to rock if you want to join the fashion trend.
1. Short blonde hair with curls.


This hairdo brings out this ‘Tom boyish’ nature in ladies and still maintaining their feminism. The curly and rough nature of this hairstyle makes it quite easy to maintain because you don’t have to worry about combing or styling the hair all the time. The style is best recommended for people with dimples because it helps in bringing it out.

2. Platinum Blonde Mohawk

This piece of hairdo brings out this daring and lovely look on men. It makes them look hunky and at the same time fashionable when being done properly, this style is a standout.

3. Blonde Beachy Waves

This hairdo brings out this very beautiful and perfect personality to the person wearing it. It can be worn for all occasions ranging from wedding, dinner, church service, work etc. If you have an oval face then this style is for you because it goes down well on people with an oval face type.

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4. Blowout Fade Hairstyle

The blowout fade hairstyle is a hairdo done with a brown colour bleach, leaving the sides faded. It usually has this rough and curly look that makes it look attractive.

5. Blonde Fringe Hairstyle

This hairdo comes with this very elegant sophistication. It elevates the nature of the person wearing it to the level of a queen or princess. It has this symbol of royalty writing all over it. It helps people with big foreheads cover their foreheads. The blonde fringe hairstyle is suitable for all occasions.

6. Blonde Patches High Top Fade.

Some celebrities have been seen rocking this trendy hairdo. It perfectly fits people with an oval face because of the high top. it is well styled with a Gold chain.

7. Blonde Faux Locks.

The blonde faux locks is the kind of hairdo that puts you in the middle of being Sexy and a bit crazy. It gives this hard to predict kind of look to the person rocking it. If you are a lover of locks then give this style a try.

8. Fade and Blonde with Designs 

The fade and blonde with designs have the sides of the hair shaved to become lowcut before designing the patterns you want, while the upper hair has curls loks with blonde colour.

9. Blonde Pixie 

The blonde pixie hairdo has this simple glowing look in the person wearing it. The style best fits women that are fair in complexion because it brings out their skin colour perfectly. it can be worn to any event of your choice as long as its been styled well.

10. Best Brown Skin Blonde hair.

If you are dark skinned and looking for a perfect blonde hairdo to wear, why not try the best brown skin blonde hair as this hairdo would perfectly match your complexion by bringing out this unique and sexy look on you. It can be worn to any function you wish to attend.

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