“No break” trouser length, men’s new found love

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It is no longer new to see men rocking their trousers with a “no break” trouser length, it is men’s new found love unlike Back in the days, when your trouser is below the ankle, people see you as an ‘unstylish’ person therefore they laugh at you by calling your trouser a “Jump up” trouser,that was the popular terminology been used then. They see the trouser as not your size or as something you have outgrown. No one ever goes to a tailor shop or boutique and deliberately ask them to give him a trouser of length above the ankle. The most stylish way to rock your trouser was to make the length very long such that it draped down the back of your footwear. When that is done there is this feeling of “yes I have arrived” in the mind of the dresser because that is what was been considered the “main thing” back then.

Reverse is the case in today’s men’s fashion world and lifestyle. A lot of men are now seeing the over-sized trouser as old fashioned and are comfortably giving their trousers this fit and length specification by slimming fitting it and adding a “no break” which we call “Jump up” back in the days.
The break of your trouser is very important because it has very visible impact on the look and fitness more than any other visible feature of your trouser.
It is now very classy, stylish and trendy to have a “no break” trouser length. No one ever looks at you like someone wearing an over-sized trouser anymore.
The “no break” can be defined in simple English as a trouser that doesn’t touch the shoe or just hits at the top of the shoe. If you are yet to try the “no break” trouser length you are still in the old fashioned world you need to add “no break” to your trouser to join men’s trendy fashion lifestyle.

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