Beard gang, transforming men’s facial look

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As fashion and lifestyle keeps revolutionizing, owning a beard has become a thing of pride among men, maybe it is a means to show masculinity or a turn on for the ladies.
Men without beards are considered by some certain cabals (beard gangs) as incomplete men therefore making some unbearded men who are not genetically designed to grow beards to keep applying all sorts of hair enhancement cream to grow beards. Both the young, middle aged, old, celebrities, government officials and public figures have all been seen flaunting their fully grown beards in different lengths and sizes. There is definitely gotta be some level of aesthetics attached to rocking a full beard as some guys have opined that it is guys way of applying make up on their faces. The beards do come in different types as long as the person is up to the age of growing beards which is the adolescent stage(18 years above). The types are; the chin strap, goatee, extreme beard, French fork, the anchor, hipster and full beard. it usually takes two to six months to grow depending on the type of beard, length and gene of the groomer as some people are naturally hairy.


According to history growing beards by men has always been a thing to pride in as great men like Abraham Lincoln,Karl Marx, Leonardo da Vinci, Wole Soyinka, Oliver de coque, Charlie Chaplin, Grizzly Adams, Salvador Dali, Charles Darwin etc all had beards.
Growing and grooming a beard doesn’t come so cheap because a lot of maintenance has to be done in order to keep the hair healthy. Some of the maintenance needed for a healthy beard growth are:
1. Time and patience– when trying to grow a beard time and patience are very essential because beard growth does not happen overnight. Give the hair time to grow.                                                                   2. Brushing– as the hair keeps growing ensure you brush them to make them look good and not scattered and dirty.
3. Shampooing and conditioning with beard oil, beard balm, beard softener, mustache wax, Castor oil etc. Should be applied often
4. Keep a clean face at all time– always use soap and water to rinse your face at least twice or thrice daily to remove dead skin cells in order to encourage the growth of tiny facial hairs.
5. Eat healthily– the kind of food you eat determines the success of your beard growth. Foods that are rich in protein play a vital role in enhancing healthy hair growth. Foods like – fish, egg, red meat, milk, cashew, almond nuts etc. are essential for healthy hair growth. Drinking a lot of water and eating plenty fruits also helps.
6. Regular exercising also helps to grow a healthy hair because exercise improves blood circulation that can stimulate hair growth.
7. Quit or suspend smoking– Cigarette contains a product in it called nicotine, nicotine slows down the body from absorbing nutrients therefore since the body cannot absorb enough nutrients to help it grow the hair, there would be poor or unhealthy hair growth on the body. Smoking also lead to hair loss, poor circulation of blood due to vessel constriction. Smoking and hair grooming are two world apart.
8. Visit the salon regularly– you need to visit the salon at all time in order to stay in shape and always look neat.

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