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The Ankara Wax Prints is a new signature African attire amongst African women and Men most especially the West Africans. The Ankaras are industrially produced, colorful, made of cotton and are usually filled with batik printing. one very visible feature of the Ankara print is that it has no difference in terms of colorful intensity of front and back. Most times the Ankaras carries the names of personalities, cities, buildings, wise sayings and occasions. The name of the producer, product and registration number of each design is printed on the selvage, protecting the design and reading the quality of the fabric. The Ankara fabrics are usually sold in 12 yards as “full piece” and 6yards for “half piece”.
The Ankara wax print fabrics is already taking over the center stage globally, in the world of fashion and lifestyle, they are seen as a source of inspiration for designers, fashionistas and companies. Most fashion lovers do blend Ankara with other products to bring out this Afro-centric look to their style. Therefore anything Ankara represents ‘African’.
The origin of Ankara print could be traced back to a Dutch textile manufacturing firm in the 18th century who had their market targeted towards Indonesia. But unfortunately for them their product (Ankara) failed to succeed in the Indonesian market as consumers refused to embrace the product. The company decided to channel their product to the West African market where it was embraced and given much attention and recognition. The company therefore decided to evolve the pattern to reflect the African culture and lifestyle. Ghana is seen as the center hub of Ankara in Africa as many people have speculated that they were the first to embrace the wax print in the African continent. Ghana has an annual consumption of the Ankara textile of about 130million yards.
The Ankara wax print comes in different types such as the Dutch wax print, Real English Wax, Veritable Dutch Hollandaise, African Wrappers, Asoebi, Guaranteed Dutch Java etc.
The Ankara style, just like other fashion piece has revolutionized from ‘old school’ Ankara to a more contemporary Ankara as celebrities all over the world have queued in to rock the Ankara attire. Some of the styles been sewed with Ankara depending on the professionalism of your tailor are: jumpsuits, ball gowns, bridal gowns, Ankara swim suits, peplum tops, men’s corporate suits, loose blouse and wrapper. The list are endless as hats, hand fan, blazers, belts, shoes, bow ties, purse, bags etc can also be produced using the Ankara fabric.
So if you are a fashion lover and you have no touch of Ankara in any of your outfit then you are lagging behind because Ankara has taken over.

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Ankara jumpsuit


Ankara ball gowns

Men’s corporate Ankara

Ankara swim suits

Ankara bridal gowns

Ankara Peplum tops





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