Vibrant young Nigerian graduates from Harvard University

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kenneth Ononeze Okwor is a young Nigerian man who has done the nation proud by graduating from the prestigious Harvard University of the United States of America(USA). He took to his facebook page to share the goodnews. An  elated Kenneth wrote ” I came to Harvard to find a cure for my Impostor Syndrome and to convince myself that I am worth it. Indeed, Harvard treated me: my blood became crimson, my heart received the seal of the Great H, and my mind was trained to seek out the truth (Veritas). The professors, my healers, exposed me to the deep secrets of knowledge in my chosen field; and for the first time, I was taught to think and to think again. The treatment was working, or so I thought. Two days ago, at our Class Day, Prof Carol Steiker noted that knowledge is like a balloon: as the volume of the air in the balloon increases, so does the surface area of the balloon.
Similarly, as the volume of our knowledge increases, so does the surface area of our ignorance. I was alarmed, and upon careful introspection, I was forced to accept the sad reality that the treatment provided by Harvard and all the knowledge I have gained here were only further evidence of my own ignorance. I graduated from Harvard or was discharged yesterday. The ceremony was beautiful and emotional. The show of love and support from my friends across the globe, my family, my benefactors, and my professors was intense. I am grateful to everyone for the messages, tags, likes, comments, posts, etc. God will bless and reward you all. I am also grateful to my colleagues. We survived the intense readings and cold-calls together. Congratulations to you all! In all, I am grateful to God, and I am happy to announce that in my most recent quest for knowledge and healing, I found the following knowledge and truth: I know nothing. The only knowledge I have gained is the knowledge of how much I do not know. I see the limits of my knowledge and the vast wilderness of my ignorance. I have resolved, therefore, to use this knowledge of my ignorance to serve and protect those wise restraints that make us free men and women.” Congrats kenneth the sky is your starting point.

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