Raskimono has passed on- 10th June 2018

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Popular Nigerian comedian Bovi ugboma aka Bovi has joined other celebrities to pay tribute to the great legendary singer Ekeleke Elumuelu popularly known by his stage name as Raskimono who passed on in the early hours of Sunday the 10th of June 2018 after an undisclosed illness. the comedian wrote on his Instagram wall ”Dear legend, thank you for the impact you made on earth. If you don’t mind, i have some messages I’d like you to deliver in the great beyond. Please tell Bob Marley that many of us are still trapped in mental slavery.

And the atomic energy he said we shouldn’t fear for has been produced by many countries. But as you arrive at the gates of eternity, two of the worlds most erratic leaders will be meeting in Singapore to discuss denuclearization. Tell M.K.O. that finally, 25 years after he won the freest and fairest elections ever conducted in our country, he has finally been recognized and honored. Inform him that sadly though, we are not as unanimous in our choice of candidates like his time. We now choose based on several sentiments like, religion, tribe and region.

Not just the masses but even the political class. Tell him unlike his time, two Muslims can’t run on the same ticket ; that’s for example. Also no matter how qualified a candidate is, if it is not his regions “turn”, we would rather go with another candidate. Tell him it is not gazetted. It’s just an unwritten code. Please Ras Kimono, tell baba Fela that his music lives on and many have been inspired by his works.

Sadly, tell him everything he complained about is still the same. Tell Bola Ige that his murder case has been reopened alongside that of Dikibo. But tell funsho Williams and Alfred rewane that we don’t know when theirs will be reopened. Tell Gani to please accept his posthumous honor. Also tell him that one of his protégés, Festus Keyamo is now a politician. But don’t tell him who his boss is o. He will simply not understand.

Tell Dora Akunliyi that another intelligent woman is putting us on the world map by propagating feminism. But while we are open to change, she’s preaching new methods that erode some of our cultural practices and cosmopolitan rituals. Tell Awolowo, Ojukwu and Okadigbo that Buhari is president but before they react, quickly add that he was elected this time. But please don’t let Fela hear. He will simply not understand. Finally on a personal note, tell my mother that Everything she said was true. She will understand”.

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